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What you can do with Fannabee?



Catalog all your music stuff
(cds, memorabilia, vinyls, posters)
about your fav artists in one tap!



Find the missing items to complete your
collection. Discover limited editions and
rarities from all over the world.

Trade & Showcase

Trade & Showcase

Sell your duplicates and buy amazing
items from the community



Enjoy your collections on-the-go

Showcase all your items with your friends in one personalized place.
You can add customized details about each item, such as photos, autographs, conditions and many more!


Buy and sell items
directly through the app!

Fannabee is also a marketplace. You can search for items to buy or sell your own.
If you find something you want you can make an offer to the seller.


Ready to use catalog

We did the hard part for you. Our catalog is filled with all the information you need.
Just start searching your favourite artist and we give a complete list of existing items.

Available soon for iOS and Android Just swipe to switch
between artists
Transfer your phisycal
collections to digital
in minutes!
We provide a full database
ready to use. If you can’t find
an item you can add it manually

You asked for it, we listened
5.000 active collectors are ready to use the
Fannabee app

Madonna number 1 fan

“Finally found the best app for my collection of Madonna!”
Umberto Castagna

Max Pezzali

“A tutti i fans: Questo mondo Fannabee è una figata!”
Max Pezzali

Beatles Number 1 fan!

“I looked for a service like this for ages! Just can't wait to catalog all my 20k items”
Cece Ledro

Beatles Number 1 fan!

“Now I can show the world that I'm absolutely the Beatles #1fan!”
Melanie Humphrey

Discover your #Fanscore
are you the #1 fan?

Create your collections, meet fans, be social, show your expertise. With our special algorithm, we give you a fan score for each of your favourite artists

Your collection library
always with you.

The Website

We are working hard to launch the website and the mobile applications really soon.

The Fannabee website is now under restyle, we'll be online soon with new features including the collection tool!

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Now, tell us more about your
amazing collections

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