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      Agitated Bead Mill

      The agitated bead mill is suitable for the ultrafine grinding and dispersing of paint, coating, pesticide, papermaking, printing ink, non-mineral filler, and other materials. High-quality products can be produced by the mini grinding media. The amount of the beads inside the tank can be changed to meet the requirements of different materials.

      Model ABM2 ABM15 ABM25 ABM48 ABM60
      Tank Capacity (L) 1.6 15 25 45 60
      Motor Power (KW) 4-6 22-37 37-45 55-75 70-90
      Output (kg/h) 5-100 25-500 50-800 100-1500 200-2500
      Grinding Fineness 100nm-5μm
      Transfer Pump Diaphragm pump/ Gear pump/ Screw pump

      Our product can be used for mass production and the ground material has narrow particle size distribution. With the high-density input energy, nanoscale products can be obtained. The viscosity of the applicable slurry has a board range, which is from 20 mPas to 7000 mPas.

      Due to the adoption of the dynamic separating system, the grinding media and materials can be easily separated, and there is no clogging. The cooling system for the milling cylinder and rotor ensures that the discharged product has low temperature. This equipment also adopts optimally designed double mechanical seal (our company is the maker of HG/T2477 standard, the mechanical seal technology conditions for the bead mill). According to the requirements of abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, material of the grinding cylinder, pin and rotor can be changed.

      We are a specialized agitated bead mill manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as environmental protection painting production system, lab jet mill, stainless steel reactor, and nano nickel powder.

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